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Gala banquet for paper's Diamond Jubilee

On February 9, 1957, a staff dinner was held in the Mayfair Room of the Hotel Sherbrooke to celebrate the newspaper's 60th anniversary. The menu was: celery, olives, fruit cup and consomme for appetizers; sole Mirabeau and roast prime ribs of beef with horesradish for the main courses; baked potatoes and green beans; baked Alaska for dessert. And there was a bar! A toast to the paper was proposed by production superintendent Frank Kenalty. The reply was given by business manager Ivan Saunders. John Bassett Sr., president of the Record made a speech. Then there was dancing.

Group picture

SEVERAL GROUP pictures were taken by the paper's photography service, Gerry Lemay studio. In this one, back row, left to right: Nick Powell, reporter; Barbara Wark, photo-engraver; Len O'Donnell, sports editor; Arnold Agnew, editor; Gerry McDuff, reporter; Wendell Beattie, photo-engraver; Hugh Doherty, reporter. Front row, left to right: Mrs. Vic Brownlow, proofreader; Glenna Brisbin, business office; John Bassett Sr., president; Fannie Williams, country correspondence editor; Mrs. Gladys Richards, women's editor.

Printed menu included list of all 84 employees

The year in which each individual joined the Record is opposite each name. Included in the list are those who worked in the Record job printing plant, which was established in 1951. The longest-serving employee was Edna Beerworth, secretary-treasurer of the company, who started in 1913.

List of names


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