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John Hogbin's collection of candid photos

Hogbin (John was a veteran deskman at the Colonist, working
in a variety of jobs there and at the Times Colonist before
his retirement. He provided a lot of information for these
pages, and sent along the photos below from his personal

Newsdesk scene

PART OF THE MAIN NEWS DESK in the old Colonist building, sometime before 1972. Left to right are: Eddie Borde, compositor, who often came up from the production department to confer with deskmen; Erith Smith, Ted Burgoyne and George Gibson. In the background against the wall, a bank of news service teletype machines.

Leslie and Ray End of strike

COLONIST NEWSROOM PICTURE ON THE LEFT shows Leslie Drew and behind her, deskman Ray Kerr. Leslie headed the family department until near the end of 1973 when she became city editor. Both Victoria Press newspapers, the Colonist and the Times, were shut down by a strike-lockout that started in December 1973, and ended in May 1974. ABOVE RIGHT, a union victory picture at the dispute's end. Some union members posed on the front of an old steam engine because their interim newspaper was called the Express. Back row, left to right: John Hogbin, Colonist; Roger Stonebanks, Times; Anna Savage, advertising department. Middle row: Bridget Peterson, creative design; Dick Gibbons, Newspaper Guild president; John Hutchison, advertising; Ab Kent, Times; Don Vipond, Times. Front row, Margaret Thomson, business office; Bruce Lowther, Colonist.

Cruise ship party

HERE'S ANOTHER VIEW of the Colonist party aboard the cruise ship, Spirit of London, June 11, 1973. Left to right, Ted Burgoyne, assistant city editor; John Hogbin, Island editor, Ian Street, legislative reporter, George Gibson, deskman and financial editor. Raised on high are the special glasses with the Colonist masthead imprinted on them.

Soccer match

SOCCER MATCH: Sometime in 1972 or thereabouts, Times and Colonist staffers squared off in a soccer match. John says he can't remember who won. Left to right are: Ray Dykes and John Hogbin, both of the Colonist; Lon Wood, Roger Stonebanks and Max Low, all of the Times.

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